Do You Want to Do Taekwondo?

Do Taekwondo

Do Taekwondo

Here is exactly what you need to know to do taekwondo . When it comes practice taekwondo we have to consider that there are two main different styles. ITF(international taekwondo federation) and WTF( world taekwondo federation).

If You Choose to Do Taekwondo ITF

Remeber that Taekwondo ITF uses more punches and there is more contact that in Taekwondo WTF but the rules don’t allow a knot out. If you do taekwondo ITF style you would need the Dobok (practice uniform) and a Ti (belt that indicates the level of the martial artist).

You would also need taekwondo gloves, feet pads, a groin protector, and a mouthpiece. No headgear and chest protector are usually needed for competition. So you won’t need them to spar since your objective is to mimic competition. But if you want to feel safer go ahead and use them.

If You Choose to Do Taekwondo WTF

In taekwondo WTF style there is total contact and you are allow to punch over the belt and bellow the shoulder area. The front and sides included. 
With the feet you are allowed to hit front the belt to the head. Kicking in the back is not allowed.
 Kicks to the legs and punches to the head are not allowed. 
To compete you need to wear a headgear and a chest protector. WTF style is included in the Olympic games. So if you decide to do taekwondo WTF and you get really good at it, you may represent your country in the Olympic games.

How to Do Taekwondo Sparring

When you practice martial arts sparring you should mimic the competition as close as possible. You should spar in 2 or three minutes rounds with one-minute rest between them. Don’t forget to wear your chest protection, your mouth piece, head gear, shin protector, arm protector, gloves and groin protector, get used to the equipment because is the same that you will need for competition.

Try to keep relaxed and concentrate on speed, food speed is basic to a good competitor. So kick your sparring partner as fast as you can, hit with speed but do not put too much power into your kicks. We don’t want your partner head falling off as a consequence of one of your super mon dollyo chaguis . Remember, the more you hit the more points you will get.

It is very convenient to use all the protective gear and to follow the rules of competition for safety purposes. Now that you know how important it is to do taekwondo sparring to increase your skill level, include it in your practice and taekwondo will come natural to you.

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