Fat loss: The first step to cut weight

Fat Loss: The First Step to Cut Weight

In the life of every fighter might be a time when he has to cut weight. Trying to fight at the lowest weight class division is a common practice among combat sport practitioners. Is the logical and the smart thing to do. Weight cutting is the name given to the different techniques used to  lose […] Read more »

How to jump rope to reap all its benefits.

Jump rope

Do you remember the fun we used to have on the street when we were kids? Playing around without any worries. I bet your mind just travelled to the past bringing memories from your childhood. Do you get a mix feeling of happiness and regret? You wonder why the kids now days don’t play on […] Read more »

Speed and Agility Training Tips

Speed and Agility Training

Speed and agility training is fundamental to any great athlete either in martial arts or in any other sport where these attributes are required. To the neophyte speed and agility are skills that the athlete is either born with or not. Many accept their lack of God given gifts without challenging that condition. It is […] Read more »

10 Static Stretching Basic Rules

Static Stretching

  There have always been controversy about static stretching. Is it good to improve your flexibility? Is it useless? Would it make the athlete prone to injury? And the most important question of all: Should I do it? When it comes to work on your flexibility. Static stretching exercises are a great tool to have […] Read more »

Dealing With a Back Injury

Back Injury

Martial artist may suffer different injuries as a direct result of their practice. Back injuries are between the most common. In this article you will learn what to do in case you or somebody else suffer from a back injury. If there is the smallest possibility that the back is broken from a traumatic injury, […] Read more »

The Martial Arts World

martial arts world

Why learning martial arts? Why do I need them for…? You may have never felt any attraction towards martial arts. If you are hook into the martial arts world this types of questions are not new to you. According to rational thinking is logical that before we make any decision, no matter which one, to […] Read more »