Cardio Workouts: The Best Way To Improve Your Endurance

Cardio Workouts

Cardio Workouts

If you want to know why you should include cardio workouts  in your martial arts training, take the time to read the following article.

I don´t know if your martial arts instructor have ever told you that if you can breath you can´t fight. If he has not, I do.

It does not matter how strong, how fast, how skillful we are. If we are tired and we can´t breath, we will lose the fight.

If you want to apply everything that you have ever learned and develop your full potential into a fight, you have to be able to breath. You have to take the time to improve your endurance. You must include cardiovascular workouts in your training routine.

Planning Your Cardio Workouts

Practically every martial art is a ciclic-aciclic activity. Basically you should design your cardio workouts to mimic the specificities of the particular martial art you practice. But that´s not all that you have to take into consideration…

Traditionally continuous running was used to improve the cardiovascular conditioning in  martial arts. Today many experts say that to get appropriate conditioning is better to use interval training. Since it does not make sense to train in ways that don´t mimic fight conditions. This affirmation makes senses. But is it true?

Not all experts agree on that. And if we look  the history of boxing and martial arts, all great champions included continuous running in their training. Is aerobic workout useless?

There is no Doubt: Cardio Workouts are the Way Improve Your Endurance! But How Do We Do It Right?

In martial arts the intensity of actions varies constantly. There are burst of explosive actions followed by moments of inactivity. That’s why is equally important to martial artists to develop his aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

To develop both, you should include aerobic and anaerobic workouts in your routine. If you think that continuous aerobic activity is not necessary to get you into top condition, think twice.

Before you say that  continuous running is useless,  take into consideration not only  the time you last without getting tired, but also how fast you recover. General cardiovascular workouts are great to shorten your recovery time after an intense round.

General cardiovascular workouts are accomplished with the practice of aerobic activities (continuous or cross-country running, cross-country skiing, jumping rope, swimming…)

The specific or anaerobic workout is done with anaerobic exercises: sparring , heavy bag hitting at high intensity and with a time limit. Interval training is also great way to get a good anaerobic workout.

Maximize Your Endurance With Hight Altitude Cardio Workouts

If you want to reach peak condition for a competition or just want to be at the top of your game. Spend some time training at high altitude, the lack of oxygen will make your body increase the quantity of red blood cells, the ones that carry oxygen.

There is a right way to breath and a wrong way. Many martial artist, even elite ones, breath in a wrong way. Learn to breath properly, get use to exhale with every punch and don´t hold your breath. What is the point of practicing killer cardio workouts if you don´t know how to breath?

For more information on working on your cardio click here. And don´t forget that to be in top physical condition, besides learning to breath properly. You should practice general and specific cardio workouts.

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