Boxing Fight Distances and Characteristics of Boxers

Boxing Fight

Boxing Fight

In this article we are going to talk about the boxing fight distances and how the characteristics of boxers play a fundamental role in choosing the fighting distance.

The Long Distance Boxing Fight Characteristics

The Long distance fight has its own characteristics in a boxing fight. The boxer that maneuvers in the long distance use mainly straight punches. He uses combinations of weak strikes, that deviates the attention, with heavy and strong blows.

This boxer uses defenses with lateral or back steps, blocking the opponent punches. The use of  feints, combined with straight punches and moving around the opponent are the typical characteristics of a long distance fighter.

In the long distance the boxing fight technique  is not only reduced to this particularities. The  strong fighters of short height that fight in the long distance, have developed their own unique technique.

These fighters frequently move softly around their opponents, combining constant movement with feints, changing the weight from one foot to the other. Their favorite punches are swings and hooks with a jump forward to close the distance.

The Middle Distance Boxing Fight Characteristics

The middle distance combat is the kingdom of attacking and counterattacking actions. It can be the result of the development of determined combative actions that are part of the tactics of the fighter. Or  it could be his particular fighting style.

In the middle distance, the fight can develop easily for the leading fighter if the opponent doesn’t take active actions in order to control the fight.

When the opponents don’t allow the development of the fight in the middle distance there is a responsive fight where boxers have to fight for the initiative and the moral superiority.

In this duel the fighter have to combine offensive and defensive actions against the counterattacks of the opponent. Counterattacking his counterattacks.

In the middle distance the time limit is shorter than in the long distance, and this is reflected in the technique and tactics of the fighters.

The characteristic of the boxer that fights in this distance is his ability to anticipate the actions of his adversary.

To anticipate the possible counterattacks of the adversary the boxer has to use automated doge movements and blocks. After which he should hit with strong blows.

One of the essential characteristics of the fight in the middle distance, due to the time constraint, is the permanent alert against the opponent strikes. You should always try to anticipate them.

To fight in the middle distance you need to have a closed guard and waiving movements, limiting the movements around your opponent. In this distance automatic series of strikes are used predominately and also individual strong hooks and swings combined with waist movements.

The middle distance is very demanding… you need great reflexes and speed of movement. The constant tension and the frequency of actions will required that you stay in top physical condition to be able to successfully develop a fight in this distance.

This is the distance in which every great fighter is a master… Why? Because is the hardest to be proficient in and the most demanding.

Short Distance Boxing Fight Characteristics

Usually this distance is favorable to the stronger fighter. In the infighting the tactic objective is reduced to hold a comfortable position in which you get your opponent tired hitting him in the body and taking the effectiveness of his punches away.

This distance is preferred by strong shorter fighters like Mike Tyson. His fighting style is completely adapted to take advantage of his opponents by swinging and throwing explosive blows at short distance to the anatomy of his rivals. When the two fighters are too close to each other the boxing fight takes place in the short distance, which is favorable to the stronger.

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