Which Are the Best Martial Arts to Learn?

Best Martial Arts

Best Martial Arts

If you are asking yourself which are the best martial arts to learn. You may not be the first or last person to ask this question.

Using my imagination I can guess that the late Bruce Lee at the beginning of his career made himself this exact same question.

In his search to know what the best martial arts were, he analyzed more than a 100 different styles and and picked elements from 26 different martial arts, creating his own style. Which he adapted to his own physical and mental characteristics. Creating a new style that today is world wide known as Jeet Kune Do.

As a martial artist you have to consider the fight as the ultimate goal. Death being a possibility. But a possibility that you try to avoid at all cost by improving your skills as a martial artist.

What You Should Know Before You Combine The Best Martial Arts To Create Your Own Style

A fight is dynamic event and occur at different distances that change constantly. Weapon, large, middle sort, grappling, wrestling and floor. Your have to feel comfortable fighting in any of those distances. Your goal should be to master all distances and the skills required to fight in each distance.

The same way that you don´t teach somebody to swim by throwing him into a pull, you don´t teach somebody to fight by placing him into a fight.

Training is necessary to develop those qualities. For example when you train with weapons like a knife or a sword, you develop your reflexes, speed and timing faster that when you train with naked hands.

To fight in a boxing and kicking distance you have to be agile with your feet, you have to know how to get in and out of distance, and the most important you have to know when and where to hit.

To do it you need balance, agility, coordination, be aware of your surroundings, and know how to be relaxed in the most intense moments.

Sure this contrary to what happens when fears kicks in. The proximity of a fight will make adrenaline rush through your body. You have to learn to control your fear. Mind and body should be under your control, ready the fight. The skills and confidence required to succeed in a confrontation should be accomplished with the right training.

Best Martial Arts To Practice: The role of distance in a fight.

The is a distance where boxing is superior to any kicking martial art, and there is a distance were grappling is superior to boxing… the point is that there is not such thing as the best martial arts. All depends on the fighting distance.

Because there is not a martial art style that is superior always. The smart thing to do is to choose the style that is superior in that moment.

That doesn´t mean that you should learn all styles of martial arts.

The idea behind all this theory is that every style has his own mentality, spirit, personality. Karate is strong and rigid, Savate is continuous and soft, Muay Thai is powerful and explosive, Wing Chung is direct and aggressive, Taichi uses the energy of your opponent, etc.

Know how to change from one structure to the other requires the skill to change continuously between the different mentalities.

Suppose that you are wining a fight against a stronger opponent in a long distance using Taekwondo and Boxing… suddenly he decides to close the gap. You change to defensive Taichi with the idea to place him at a distance where you can hit him with the elbows and knees of Muay Thai. In very few seconds you have changed the mentality and style four times.

If you have watch any mixed martial arts tournament you may have notice that usually wins the most versatile fighter. If you are curious about it, you can find more information on this page.

Applying The Philosophy of Mixing The Best Martial Arts to Your Daily Life

This type of evolution in martial arts starts at a physical level and progressively changes to a mental/emotional level that allows to change from one mentality to another.

The idea is that by mixing the best martial arts styles and their core essences, you will be able to integrate them into your personality, helping you to cope with the daily live challenges.

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