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I bet you make one or all of the following blunders when cutting weight.

  1. Use diuretics to lose weight (d'oh!)
  2. Put "a sauna suit or wear plastics" while training
  3. Cut on carbohydrates, or worse... starve to death! " Loyal to traditional methods"

If you do any of the above... I guarantee you're losing fights... and profits... by the boatload. I've done those mistakes myself.

My problem was following
"Conventional wisdom"...

Trainers were recommending those things, so they had to be what worked best, right?

How do I know better? Well, I've had the luxury of learning and testing NEW and different weigh cutting concepts.

I learned a lot over the years!

One thing I learned: the weigh cutting techniques that work best are not anywhere near what you'd think.

"Does any of this sounds

Cutting weigh if you don't have a system in place is almost physically painful - and if you have to spar several rounds a day, plus all the conditioning workouts - it can be a f...... nightmare!

But wait, it can turn even worst! After all that hell you went through... fight time comes and you find yourself as a punching bag in the hands of your opponent. It is the first round and you feel exhausted, drained... no power, no strength, grasping for air...

Fight is over, you LOST, what happened? You just did what many of us have done. In the chase for "the glory" you stressed your body so much that all it's energy flew away, gone, disappeared, finito!

Of course this is the worst case scenario, but not an uncommon one...

Because I, Adam Weiss, love this game so much, I want to do all I can so this won't happen to you...

Wishful thinking I know... But I like to see a fair fight where the most talented fighter wins.

This is why I have put together an easy to follow 3 phases step by step guide (Weigh Cutting Pro) where I show you the newest techniques on weigh cutting.

I still don’t believe it!

"I can only say: Amazing! With your new system I didn’t feel hungry and weak as usual.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t think it was going to work. I didn’t believe that you could lose weight without cutting on food while lowering the training intensity. I still wonder how is it possible?

I always thought that the ABC to cut weight was to cut food ingestion, train hard and sweat a lot. And that was what I did. Till now!!!

I used to train like an animal wearing a sauna suit before my fights. Besides that I used to cut the food intake to the minimum. No wonder why I felt like shit.

Even doing that, to get below 154 lb. was a fucking nightmare.

But in my last fight, everything changed. New coach, new system. Your system!

And when I stepped on the scale at the weigh-in... Surprise! 152 lb.

One of the trainers exclaimed: “Holly cow! you really took it seriously this time”.

If he knew that it had never been so easy...

The fight was agreed at 156 lb.

4 lb bellow the limit! I went a little to far, something stupid I know. But I felt so good that I was curious to know how much I could go.

I never though that to cut weight was gonna be so easy.

Thanks to you and to your new method, I will be fighting for the European tittle at less than 152.3lb pretty soon. Wish me luck!

Thank you Adam!"

— Rafa del Toro - Professional kickboxer. K1 Super welter european champion

I´m very happy with the results!

"The first time I used your system was during my preparation to dispute the European Title. Everything was new for me.

With this system losing weight was easier than other times.

The last night before the weigh-in is always the worst. This time I could sleep really well and since I was already at the mandatory weight I didn't have to train, so I could rest and recover earlier than in any of my previous professional fights.

During the fight I felt really well, I didn't have any cramps and I felt strong, everything went OK

— Ferino V - Boxing European Champion (EBU). Welterweight division

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